It’s good to stop using dairy, so bravo for changing to nut milks!  But have you ever read those labels on the cartons of Almond milk?  Lots of things in there I am just not sure of!  And the price?  Sad that nut milk is more expensive than cow’s milk!  Well, the solution is to make your own.  It’s easy, really!!  And if I can make it, you certainly can!  Really, trust me!  I have made cashew milk and almond milk, both yummy and easy!

So, here is a recipe for Almond Milk: Ingredients:   1/2 cup raw almonds, 2-3 pitted dates, 2 cups filtered water (this is the soaking water for the dates and almonds, save this and use), 1 vanilla bean or 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla.  Directions: Place dates and almonds is glass container covered with 2 cups of filtered water and place in refrigerator overnight.  The following morning, place soaked almonds, dates, soaking water, and vanilla in Vitamix and process until creamy.  Stain milk through cheesecloth or very fine strainer to remove any pulp.  Milk will keep 2-3 days in fridge!  Enjoy!  You can also substitute cashews! Yumbo!