Welcome to my blog! Come on in, bring your cuppa tea and get comfy. I am excited to share with you my knowledge of natural living. In the future I will be writing about things close to my heart: nature, environmental issues, homesteading, gardening, healing foods, essential oils, herbal remedies, vegetarian cooking and healthy recipes and so much more. Please contact me if you would like to see a specific topic, recipe or idea. After all, I am writing this with you in mind.

Each month I will have a guest “blogger” on my blog. It’s always good to have another perspective and point of view.

This month I would like to talk about my journey that landed me here, on this page. I’ve traveled extensively in the last several years. As the owner of a travel agency for 15 years, I was blessed to have traveled far and wide to over 40 countries (and counting). I’m a proud American citizen who has had the privilege to have lived in 4 states and 4 countries: Italy (2 different times), Germany, England and Denmark. Michael (my husband for 35+ years) and I have just moved back to the USA from Germany. I’ve learned many things living in other countries and hope to share some of my experiences with you. Natural Living can be a life style or a way of living to strive for. Natural Living to me is leaving a smaller “foot print” on the Earth, living in harmony with nature and living a simpler life.

My site is called “Natural Living with Jane”. The word “natural” is used and thrown around so much these days and it sure has a wide scope of connotation. So here are some meanings of the word “natural” I found in a dictionary:

existing in nature and not produced or caused by people

not changed from a natural state by production or growing methods

reasonable or expected in a particular situation

relaxed rather than uncomfortable

honest rather than false

I promise a place to come that will strive to be honest rather than false, a place that is relaxed, reasonable, and well….naturally fun and informative.

So peruse my site and I hope you enjoy what you find. See you next time!

Naturally yours,



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